About wacipes.com

wacipes.com aims to provide easy and quick Japanese home cooking recipes for your busy daily life. The recipes presented here are made to simplify the cooking process as much as possible while preserving the authentic taste of Japan. The ingredients used are also easily available in British supermarkets. You will find that it is so easy to cook Japanese home cooking.

What does wacipes mean?

wacipes is a self-created word that merges WA and recipes. WA in Japanese represents the nation of Japan. For example, Japanese food would be called “wa shoku“(和食) in Japanese.

Starter Kit for beginners

The Starter Kit is designed for complete beginners. Just buy three Japanese seasonings, and you can cook 10 classic Japanese home-cooked dishes. There are also shopping tips and teaching how to cook rice, etc. The cooking methods are straightforward. You can do it even if you don’t have much cooking experience.

About me

Hi! I am Crystal from Hong Kong and currently live in London. I’m not Japanese, but I’ve been a Japanese lover since I was a kid. I have been connected to Japan for the past ten years, studying Japanese, studying in Japan, working in Japan, and working for Japanese companies in Hong Kong and London. To this day, I have also created this Japanese food recipe website.

Japanese ingredients make me fall in love with cooking

While I was studying abroad in Japan, my favorite daily activity was going to the supermarket. Cheap but high-quality ingredients make me fall in love with cooking. Occasionally encountering half-price wagyu can make me happy for a long time. But in fact, I still didn’t know about Japanese seasoning at that time, so I just tried it all by myself.

The drive to be a chef

Because of my interest in Japanese food and cooking, I came up with the idea of becoming a chef. While working in Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong and London, I was always excited to go to work because I was able to learn to cook Japanese food and practice cooking skills. Although I’m no longer a cook, I still enjoy cooking Japanese food for my beloved family and friends.

Why create wacipes.com?

Actually, this is a major project of my master’s degree – making a website. When I came back to London after five years, I found that Japanese food was everywhere, and Japanese seasonings were also available in British supermarkets. I’m so happy to see what I love being loved in the UK, so I’ve also thought of doing my part to help spread the word about Japanese food.