Seasoned rice with Shiitake


Rice full of Shiitake fragrance. Just put all the ingredients and seasoning in a saucepan (or rice cooker) and cook. Super easy!

Prep time15 mins
Cooking time25 mins

Ingredients (for 2 bowls)

Shiitake6 g
Carrot50 g
Chicken thigh1 pc (80-100g)
Rice150 g
Water + Soaked shiitake water200 ml


Dashi stock1 tsp
Soy sauce2 tsp
Mirin2 tsp
Cooking wine1 tsp


  1. Wash the Shiitake and soak it for about 10 minutes
  2. Crop the carrot into small cubes
  3. Remove the fat and the blood vessels of chicken thighs, and cut them into small pieces
  4. Remove the water from the shiitake and cut them into small pieces (keep the soaked water for cooking)
  5. Wash rice
  6. Put all the ingredients and seasoning into a non-stick saucepan


  1. Put on the lid and then cook with medium-high heat
  2. (about 5 minutes later) once it boils, turn to the lowest heat
  3. Steam for about 20 minutes with minimum heat


  1. Use the rice cooker to cook (normal mode)